How to Apply for a Job…and be considered

  1. Read the ad for comprehension.
  2. Read the damn ad again. Pay attention to the job requirements.
  3. If the ad says “Fill out the application, do not write ‘See Resume’,” DO THIS. Failing to do this means your application will be branded “NO HISTORY.”
  4. Understand that every software application, specific location, environment, operating system, and skill is a KEYWORD.
  5. Ensure that EVERY keyword is found somewhere in your experience or SKA list.
  6. Understand your application either by a bot or by human with bot-like emotions in HR with one point for each required skill or experience. If those are not evident to a non-expert in your field, you receive a ZERO.
  7. Understand the hiring manager (me) cannot elevate your application if required skills are not discernible to a field expert and justifiable to the bot.
  8. Before submitting your application, read the job ad AGAIN, SIDE BY SIDE with your application.
  9. Do not submit until you have repeated items 1-8.
  10. Understand this final thing – I have to interview everyone at or above the score I choose. If I have 50 applicants, with five at each of 10 point levels, and you are an 8, do you really think I am going to interview 15 people just to give you a chance? Probably not.
  11. Repeat steps 8 & 9.
  12. Submit. Pray. Wait. Despair.

Other Considerations.

A list of people not to include as references. This is an exceedingly short list, so it is not hard avoid:

  1. Your family. i.e.:
    1. Your spouse.
    2. Your parent(s) or grands.
    3. Your siblings.
    4. Your parents siblings.

We automatically assume your family will give you a good reference, especially if you owe them money. Just for kicks, if you have an ex-spouse from a badly failed marriage, you can include their contact information just for the sheer entertainment value.

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