On Twitter, I am OLD

At least some people think so. From what I can tell, at age 54 I am still in only the oldest 40% of users. I guess that worsens next year to the oldest 25%. But still, I am not sure why that makes me old.

Perhaps it is my witty comments that are a natural for Twitter. I have always been described as pithy, so Twitter is a natural fit. Perhaps it just seems that I have been on Twitter for so very long that of course I am old.

Maybe not.

It is probably just my memory and enjoyment of music and movies across the decades (except of course the 90s, pretty much a lost decade).

It’s just that growing up through the seventies and being a college student, soldier, college student, and grad student through the eighties gives me lot to remember. All the questions in life can be answered through either broadway musicals or classic rock. Most all the questions are in American Folk.