Trigger Warnings

Kind and Gentle Readers, not knowing who most of you are, and most of you really having no clue about who I am, and since Twitter does not provide additional characters to incorporate trigger warnings, I have decided that it might be best to create a list of potentially bothersome, irksome, or otherwise offensive topics that you may find on this site. I have not, as of yet, written about all of these topics. I feel this list, while not exhaustive, is likely predictive. If you do not find something on this list of particular concern to you, please rest assured, the more you read of what I have to say, the probability of being offended climbs to 1.0.

  1. College enrollment, degrees awarded, graduation rates (especially those from low-performing states and institutions).
  2. Movies and songs from 1980s (or any other decade really).
  3. Broadway musicals and showtunes.
  4. Post-completion outcomes, especially wages.
  5. Student debt.
  6. Responses to other bloggers that have never heard of me and would prefer to keep that way.
  7. Twitter.
  8. Pooping in the woods.
  9. College presidents and other “leaders” in higher education.
  10. Think-tanks.
  11. Drunk-tanks.
  12. Beer. Homebrewing. Hops. Hopsichords. Drinking beer.
  13. Barmak.
  14. Virginia, Virginia higher education, SCHEV.
  15. IPEDS.
  16. IPEDS-UR a/k/a SUR a/k/a student unit record a/k/a better than what IPEDS has now.
  17. Yanking icthyoids out of an aquaeous solution, generally without much in the way of ceremony, but lots of seemingly ineffective practice.
  18. Institutional research.
  19. PIRS a/k/a Postsecondary Institutional Ratings Systems a/k/a Why toaster is better than your blender.
  20. Brain tumors.
  21. Why student debt will increase.
  22. Why ratings probably won’t help.
  23. Wildlife.
  24. Wildlife that doesn’t quite make it across the road.
  25. Stories about redemption.
  26. Hedwig, Rocky Horror, Victor/Victoria, Some Like it Hot.
  27. Data privacy, the lack thereof and why it doesn’t matter.
  28. Bright shiny objects (BSO).
  29. Clueless people (casual readers).
  30. People who get outraged at this list.
  31. Things that irritate me like inconsistency in USED behavior and policy.
  32. Re-thinking financial aid
  33. The fact that Virginia has better higher ed data than anyone else.

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