No matter how much you beat that dead horse, it still won’t turn into fine Corinthian leather.

It is better to have a pattern of self-deception than not believe in yourself at all.

Unsolicited advice is generally worth what you paid for it. That does not mean you shouldn’t listen to your significant other as listening may be easier than enduring the argument sure to ensue if you don’t.

Data is the real gluttony of the 21st century. Especially data about food and sex. And Education.

Life is too short not to eat raw cookie dough. Or sushi and sashimi.

Telling parents concerned about student privacy what PII is and is not is missing their point.

Self-doubt is the natural pre-cursor to self-awareness. For most people this leads to mental long-distance running in the opposite direction.

If your dog doesn’t like you, why should I?

If you are not making mistakes occasionally, it is probably because you aren’t doing anything.

Chicken sashimi is tastier than you think. Are you brave enough to try? (You can cook the rice, but not the chicken.)

Please do something stupid. Mind-numbingly stupid. This will make it much easier to get over you.

There’s no point in living in the past – you can’t get your mail there.

The taste of undeniable self-righteousness often presages the smell of burning bridges.

Once you accept how little people think of you, you will realize how little most anyone thinks about you.




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