About me and this blog

I run a statewide postsecondary data system for the Commonwealth of Virginia will talk for long periods of time about my ideas on education policy, the proper use of data, how an art degree was the best preparation for my career, and how all this intersects with kayakfishing, hiking, homebrewing, and my childhood dream of being a rodeo clown. I have a brain tumor and dealing with that has been a very rewarding experience.

What I say here is strictly an enactment of my personal first amendment rights. It may or not reflect my actual opinion (for those that are unable to discern satire, humor, or the intersection of the two). The truth is reflected to the degree that it makes a good story or supports any point I may be suggesting that I might be trying to make.

If you are searching for philosophy, please try the words on a cereal box.

Nothing I write should be construed as being the views of anyone else, unless properly cited, which even then may be doubted.

You can also follow me on Twitter – @todmassa, and work-wise at http://research.schev.edu/apps/blogs.aspx and @SCHEVResearch.

I am the funniest higher education data policy humorist on the market today. I tell amusing stories found in data. At least, I am amused because sometimes the stories are very sad, but the reaction of megalomaniacal campus administrators are worth it.

Be nice. It won't hurt either of us.

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