I have been working in higher education policy and institutional research since 1991. Prior to moving to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia in 2001, I had worked at Saint Louis University and Willamette University. I have had a fun and interesting career – one that seems to be the best fit for my abilities, interests, and skills. I focus on measuring student flow and outcomes, including wage and debt. It is my hope that we can improve college outcomes through better information for both policy-makers and students. Policy-makers are often the ones that are in most need of improved information…and lessons in how to use it.

As the blog description suggests, I have a lot of other interests.

I have been homebrewing for just over four years now. I have what I think is a pretty sweet set-up that continues to evolve. I might eventually build a dedicated brew shed, but I like the brew-to I have.

I am also a kayak fisherman. My son and I try to fish together whenever we can. From small lakes like the those at Amelia and Powhatan WMA to the Chesapeake Bay off Kiptopeake State Park.

Occasionally I do woodwork and build furniture, or home modifications.

I am slowly working on section-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, 2013 was a zero miles year. I am going to introduce L1, the oldest grandelf to backpacking this year.


Be nice. It won't hurt either of us.

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