In a hall of lost and desperate souls

Stumbling like zombies

with wallets opening

to the mere promise of improvement, of more, or bigger

or shine.

Children squabble, bemused.

Teenage daughters accompany their fathers (I hope)

feigning interest in boats and tackle

while really looking at their phones and teenage boys.

Camouflage everywhere,

as if the the fish care, or can see.

Outside a howling blizzard (for the South).

But you can buy a magic product to make your bassboat shine sparkle in the daylight, the moonlight, and the starlight.

An old man shouts after me,

“My blood pressure went down 50 points….”

Ahh, hematite! The magic mineral!

Ancient health secrets of Native Americans, Romans, Greeks, others

that are no more.

Will heal you arthritis, migraines, blood pressure, blood sugar,

swelling/numbness, sinus problems and allergies

carpal tunnel syndrome

knee replacement and circulation problems.

The list goes on!

Magical healing for desperate souls.

But for the lost? Only the exit sign will serve.

Clearly the boy and I went to the Fishing Expo today.

Be nice. It won't hurt either of us.

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