You are all just a stack of data

You are all data.
Once we give into chipping, everything is much simpler. Who needs passwords & biometrics when we have RFID tags in our hands?

The more we accept that we are merely data, tracking everyone is only logical. And painless. Why worry about bad refugees or Muslim extremist when we can track everyone and everything they do.

Every. Single. Thing.

Think of the money we would save. No more IPEDS or CCD. No more cancer registries. No more Census. Everything is tracked organically.

No need for the IRS. Every transaction is micro-taxed, even relationship transactions, with direct fee to a central bank.

No more Census. We will know everything. We will all be part of a scalable dashboard. It will be beautiful. So many answers easily available, we won’t need to ask the questions.
We won’t need to fear because there will be nothing unknown. Your phone becomes a personal dashboard of every interaction. You won’t have to worry about remembering anything or anyone, Instant Recall will be an app your phone. Your life is lived to consume and be consumed. Organically. Naturally.

Your doctor can check your health at any time. You won’t need to visit her, a FaceTime appointment is available 24/7 with a provider who has access to all your records – including records of whom you have interacted with the past year – and their records.

Predictive analytics will cause first responders to be at the scene before you. Not to stabilize you, but to prevent the incident.
We will live forever, without fear, without question. A parade of answers that tell us or only choice today.

Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
Everything you think, do and say
Is in the pill you took today

3D printers in every home will print out the meds you need for an optimal day.
Love will be instant. And painless. Incompatible algorithms will never be matched. Chocolate makers will struggle in the new economy as broken hearts never really happen. Nor does any fear comparable to that of the fear of Dementors.
Can there really be anything missing if we yield to the chip? Embrace your inner datum, one by one. Let’s all be tracked! Wave your had at the gas pump, over the collection plate, shake hands with a stranger and know them intimately, immediately.

And for those uncomfortable with the notion that they are data. They are also protein.
Dream big. Live big. Go. Make data of yourself.
You are already.
We are watching

The more I read twitter, the more I like the whole giant database thing. All of you as data, including all social media. Combine this with an app to rate everybody – snap a picture, select a dimension, give 0 to 5 stars – ratings shared with the world. Everything you do and say becomes both prediction of your next action and an indicator of risk you represent.
Love is not only algorithmic compatibility but acceptable levels of mutual safety.
Love stories become the stories of bots self-testing against other bots.
Fiction is transformed because chance in the narrative form becomes unfamiliar in the face of constant predictive analytics.
Does music become refined and predictable ( 3 chords & a message) or Steinman and Meat Loaf? I think the latter.
What happens to art in a predictive world? Ultimately we see the return and rise of Nordic expressionist – who can’t get no satisfaction.
Humor becomes contemplation of predictions that go wrong.

The predictive world is a brand new world without fear or excitement. Just data and ultimate knowledge.

And like the rabbits in warren that Hazel, Silver, and the rest encountered where nobody every asked “Where” another rabbit was, we will never ask “What if?”

There will be no if.

You are data.

Joy of Measurement

So, I wrote this thing over here.

The problem is that I feel like I have a lot more to say on the topic, but I am really tired making it difficult to control the ideas rushing through my head, or recall the thoughts that occurred over the last three days of driving.

Tonight as we made the final miles into San Antonio we were listiening the “Devil Went Down to Georgia” and I started thinking about how much a fiddle made of gold would weigh, and was prepared to write about that, but fortunately a simple query to the Google Gods revealed an existing answer of about 30lbs.

Back to business. There really is a joy to measurement. There is joy in the process itself, the discovery of new aspects of a thing along the way, and most especially in knowing something.  But, when this is done to people, measurement should serve a purpose and be organic to the activity of interest, not an add-on.

For example, in the blog post I referenced at the beginning, I mentioned that I am playing golf again, and letting my ADHD-guided OCD have free reign. I haven’t played for years, so starting up again minus a balance nerve is  a challenge. It is especially a challenge with all the cool apps available for tracking every shot, every aspect of the game. Exactly not what I need right now.

Right now I shouldn’t even be tracking my score. Regardless of my joy of measurement.

I need to focus on enjoying the game.

I need to stay in the moment while I am playing.  Each time I stop to record something, I am creating a distraction. Each time I am distracted, I run the risk of analysis – is this better, is this worse? How do I fix it? How do I fix it now? I’m not competing, I am playing a game for enjoyment. Generally I am spending time with my son – and there is NO good reason for distracting me from that.

So this is my concern with assessing and measuring everything that goes on in the classroom, at any level. Measurement of learning and learning progress is necessary, but it shouldn’t take the teacher or the student out of the moment. It should also not interfere with the joy of teaching or of learning. It should be organic and add value.

If only there were some standard, some quantifiable way to demonstrate some level of performance to a predetermined standard. It doesn’t have to be complex, perhaps five stars or ranked codes.



I Heart The Heart

Really, actually, I just don’t care. The level at which I don’t is below the ultimate level of rest of whale feces.

Why don’t I care?

I was never any more happy with the notion of “favoriting” something with a star than I was with liking something with a thumbs-up. The forced dichotomy of simplification developed within the use of “free” social media platforms is never going to be satisfactory for everyone. There will always be implications for every action (and non-action) in such a system that are both real and assumed. @tressiemcphd has written about this, and a number of other really smart people have also said smart things about how people use and react to these things.

Somewhere in the house I have duffle bag that was issued to me in 1982 at Ft. Jackson, NC on my way to Ft. Benning, GA. On the bottom of it is painted in grey a club (as in that found in within a deck of cards) and dash at the twelve o’clock position. This was so dozens or hundreds of duffle bags stacked together could be readily identified to the units where they belonged. This goes back to World War II and, if you pay attention, you can see it in various Hollywood movies where the 101st Infantry is depicted, such as those about the Battle of the Bulge.

I mention this because it because most of life there have been symbols associated with my life that were not of my choosing. “Tod” is a good example of this. After all, a name is just a symbol constructed with predetermined components. Any icon, simple or complex, is really no different. Whatever values, images, understanding of Tod that exists is based on the collections of my actions not the symbols used to describe those actions. I know that any symbols used have broader contextual meanings and people will apply their own meanings and such, but that will always happen, regardless of symbology, more importantly it will happen regardless of what I think those symbols mean.

In other words, haters gonna hate, hearters gonna heart.

If you are concerned that using the heart is going to cause someone to think that you love someone’s tweet or action, rest assured that anyone who does think that probably thinks they can love a refrigerator and is thus of no consequence.

The heart as an icon has never meant much to me. It has been so overused to the point of “I kind of have a pretense of affection for this thing/person.” Twitter’s use of the heart just drives it into more meaningless to the point that Common Core exams will simply use the heart as a bubble to fill.

Of course, what’s really going on is Twitter wants to make Twitter less hateful. They think by forcing people to use hearts there will be less hate spewed. One really can’t love a hateful tweet…well, unless of course you don’t actually think it is hateful.  And so Twitter is getting hate tweets from users about the heart. I think there is a word for that.


So, I am writing an app. It doesn’t do much that’s useful. It simply allows everyone you interact with to give you a five-star rating. The ratings will get published to the cloud and I have been assured everyone will be given a record, so no one will escape the rating.

All of this is quite simple. The hard part is determining how many categories are needed to meaningfully define human interaction. It seems to me we really only need a few – Work, play, payment, courtesy, empathy, civic engagement, service, attractiveness, and utility. I think this captures everything that matters. Unfortunately, the advisory group hired by the foundation that is funding this effort all seems to think we need much greater nuance and detail. For example, some argue for health & well-being measures while others want a measure dedicated to voting. (For some reason these people seem to think that state boards of election will willingly update the ratings of their citizens.)

All that aside, I think this is app is a game-changer. The individual ratings will simplify things dramatically for employers, lenders, and even dating sites. Just imagine, simplified five-star ratings for everyone. No need to worry about whether a potential mate is good enough, their rating will tell you that.