So, I am writing an app. It doesn’t do much that’s useful. It simply allows everyone you interact with to give you a five-star rating. The ratings will get published to the cloud and I have been assured everyone will be given a record, so no one will escape the rating.

All of this is quite simple. The hard part is determining how many categories are needed to meaningfully define human interaction. It seems to me we really only need a few – Work, play, payment, courtesy, empathy, civic engagement, service, attractiveness, and utility. I think this captures everything that matters. Unfortunately, the advisory group hired by the foundation that is funding this effort all seems to think we need much greater nuance and detail. For example, some argue for health & well-being measures while others want a measure dedicated to voting. (For some reason these people seem to think that state boards of election will willingly update the ratings of their citizens.)

All that aside, I think this is app is a game-changer. The individual ratings will simplify things dramatically for employers, lenders, and even dating sites. Just imagine, simplified five-star ratings for everyone. No need to worry about whether a potential mate is good enough, their rating will tell you that.

Be nice. It won't hurt either of us.

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