You are all just a stack of data

You are all data.
Once we give into chipping, everything is much simpler. Who needs passwords & biometrics when we have RFID tags in our hands?

The more we accept that we are merely data, tracking everyone is only logical. And painless. Why worry about bad refugees or Muslim extremist when we can track everyone and everything they do.

Every. Single. Thing.

Think of the money we would save. No more IPEDS or CCD. No more cancer registries. No more Census. Everything is tracked organically.

No need for the IRS. Every transaction is micro-taxed, even relationship transactions, with direct fee to a central bank.

No more Census. We will know everything. We will all be part of a scalable dashboard. It will be beautiful. So many answers easily available, we won’t need to ask the questions.
We won’t need to fear because there will be nothing unknown. Your phone becomes a personal dashboard of every interaction. You won’t have to worry about remembering anything or anyone, Instant Recall will be an app your phone. Your life is lived to consume and be consumed. Organically. Naturally.

Your doctor can check your health at any time. You won’t need to visit her, a FaceTime appointment is available 24/7 with a provider who has access to all your records – including records of whom you have interacted with the past year – and their records.

Predictive analytics will cause first responders to be at the scene before you. Not to stabilize you, but to prevent the incident.
We will live forever, without fear, without question. A parade of answers that tell us or only choice today.

Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
Everything you think, do and say
Is in the pill you took today

3D printers in every home will print out the meds you need for an optimal day.
Love will be instant. And painless. Incompatible algorithms will never be matched. Chocolate makers will struggle in the new economy as broken hearts never really happen. Nor does any fear comparable to that of the fear of Dementors.
Can there really be anything missing if we yield to the chip? Embrace your inner datum, one by one. Let’s all be tracked! Wave your had at the gas pump, over the collection plate, shake hands with a stranger and know them intimately, immediately.

And for those uncomfortable with the notion that they are data. They are also protein.
Dream big. Live big. Go. Make data of yourself.
You are already.
We are watching

The more I read twitter, the more I like the whole giant database thing. All of you as data, including all social media. Combine this with an app to rate everybody – snap a picture, select a dimension, give 0 to 5 stars – ratings shared with the world. Everything you do and say becomes both prediction of your next action and an indicator of risk you represent.
Love is not only algorithmic compatibility but acceptable levels of mutual safety.
Love stories become the stories of bots self-testing against other bots.
Fiction is transformed because chance in the narrative form becomes unfamiliar in the face of constant predictive analytics.
Does music become refined and predictable ( 3 chords & a message) or Steinman and Meat Loaf? I think the latter.
What happens to art in a predictive world? Ultimately we see the return and rise of Nordic expressionist – who can’t get no satisfaction.
Humor becomes contemplation of predictions that go wrong.

The predictive world is a brand new world without fear or excitement. Just data and ultimate knowledge.

And like the rabbits in warren that Hazel, Silver, and the rest encountered where nobody every asked “Where” another rabbit was, we will never ask “What if?”

There will be no if.

You are data.

Be nice. It won't hurt either of us.

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