life in road trips

Melinda and I just finished a three-week road trip  covering 5,024 miles. There will probably be a post about that trip, but I have been thinking about previous road trips. I have now visited all 49 continental United States and have done some extraordinary trips.

2017 Vacation

Summer 2017. First real vacation since 2017.



st pete round trip

AIR Forum 2003. Not an epic trip, but memorable.

San Antonio Trip

SREB Data Exchange , 2016.  The second of longer road trips with Melinda after her multiple surgeries. The first was a somewhat similar route to Austin, TX for Vertex.

Leg 1 Keizer to Joplin

Leg 1 of a family road trip in the summer of 2000 that included a visitS to Crater Lake and Dinosaur National Monument.

Leg2 Joplin to Keizer

Leg 2 of the trip in 2000. Stops included the Field of Dreams, Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone, Grand Coulee Dam, and Multnomah Falls. Both halves of the trip were predominantly tent camping.

Ft Campbell to SeaTac

In 1983, my unit (B Company, 2nd Battalion, 502d Infantry) at Ft Campbell, KY rotated as a unit to assignment in at Ft Richardson, AK. We were all to meet at SeaTac to fly in together. We turned this into a rather crazy trip to see family and sights.

Anchorage to Joplin

In 1985, when I left active duty, we drove from Anchorage, AK to Joplin, MO.  Sections of the highways in Canada were still gravel. It was late March. The personal dynamics between my first and wife and myself were, shall we say, difficult. Very difficult. Much of the trip is a blur, enough so that I might wish to revisit the route.

There are other cross-country trips that could be included. The move from St. Louis to Oregon, with two small children, a U-Haul towing a truck and a separate car. Or the move from Oregon to Virginia in January 2001. Winter trips are often a much different sort of experience. Plus dozens of trips to Joplin, MO and/or Chickasha, OK to see family, from various points. Basically, just a lot more miles than I sometimes appreciate.

Bottom line is this. I love road trips.



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