Math is Hard

One day in front of a wall of stone, sitting at sunrise, the student asked the master, “Teacher, why do you speak thusly to me with stories, rather than address me directly?”

The master acknowledged the question with a raised eyebrow and together they contemplated the turning of morning into day as is their wont. When their master finally spoke, he said, “Why, I always speak to you in a way that you are the focus of all I say, no matter where we are relative to each other. It is simply a matter of squaring the material with reality and adding the distance that measure of what you are ignorant.”

As the sun began set upon the studentĀ and the teacher, the student said, “Ahh, so no matter where I am, you are always the same distance from me and the wall.”

“Which is why sometimes speak to the wall. It needs no explanation of math.”