It is sometimes difficult to write. Well, almost always.  Thoughts race about without discipline. They need to be corralled and tamed, at least a little.

This is part of the discipline.

When I drive.  Lots of thoughts occur to me.  Unfortunately they are to often fleeting like wild ponies. Especially wild ponies in the rolling troughs and hillocks of south central Oklahoma where it is so easy to hide from sight.

So the blog doesn’t get updated unless I sit and make myself write.

And this is another part of the discipline.

The same problems occur when planning a speaking. I rarely use a manuscript or notes. Instead I consider themes and ideas and try to hold fast to the ones that resonate.  If the circumstances dictate or allow,  those things get used.

Mostly though I have no idea what I will say until I say it, but am almost never surprised by what I say – only in how others receive it.

This is not discipline.