What the Pell?!!

I am irritated. Very irritated. All of these folks sharing the recent Hechinger report on Pell graduation rates and getting so upset that there is not nationally available data. Fine, we knew this. And those of us paying the least attention since the 2008 HEOA knew that institutions either weren’t publishing Pell & Stafford graduation rates or making them so difficult to find on their websites that it simply doesn’t matter.

Not one of these people are pointing to Virginia and saying, “See how easy it is?” UNLESS I REMIND THEM.

For Pell graduation rates (and Stafford, and 200+ other groups) go here.

See that we publish Pell graduation rates and others on each Institutional Profile by clicking on the Grad. Rates tab.

And we also have a Student Success, Persistence, and Completion Scorecard.

If your data are not as complete, and good, as Virginia’s, you are slacking.

Be nice. It won't hurt either of us.

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