maybe I should stop paying attention

one day I was listening to a college president drone on.

that, in and of itself, is not unusual. I spend lots of time with college presidents, probably more than I would like.

he began talking about the role of a college education. “Sure, for some students it is about a job or career. But traditionally, college is really about preparing citizens.”

Oh, shit.

maybe it was because the night before I had let Starship Troopers run in the background and the discussion of the difference between citizens and civilians.

and then thinking about the traditions of college education that seemed to exclude an awful lot of non-white, non-male people

and I started thinking about the really, super privileged background from which he spoke

and I wasn’t happy. he thought he was making good, classical argument about the value of higher education.

I started thinking about Henry Gibson in the Blues Brothers.

I was laughing in sorrow. and anger. I’ve been fortunate. I am fortunate. and I know it.

not sure I would have done as well myself coming from a less-privileged background.

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