Progress and silent running

We are making progress in the house. All the repairs, reconstruction, and remodeling are done that were necessitated by the failure of the water lines. We’ve gone a bit further, including making the upstairs bathrooms more accessible. Soon we start the project of making the first-floor bathroom accessible.  This has the potential of spiraling out of control. We have at least learned from replumbing the upstairs bathrooms that additional water lines come into play that will have to be moved in order to install a pocket door, and probably even just to widen door to 36 inches. We’ll see what happens. But we can’t/won’t start that project until everything is in place, including a stair lift, to move back upstairs and there are a few things that have to happen first, such as carpeting the stairway. Do things in the wrong order and costs and headaches increase dramatically.

The paragraph above was written some weeks ago. I just was never able to find the time, or voice, to work further on this. Time is precious and it is increasingly difficult take a few minutes to do things that don’t fall into the categories of: for her, work, required, and urgent. Probably it is just as well as I have little to say of real value.

The stair lift we hope will arrive to be installed this week. The timing is close as her knee replacement is a week from today, although she will spend at least a few days in the hospital, and perhaps weeks in a rehab center or nursing facility. Her body is still very week, but she has made incredible efforts to be more active and deal with the pain of walking. The project to make the downstairs bathroom accessible has taken on new dimensions as we have decided on a new approach and offering a different closet as the needed sacrifice. There are a lot of reasons to like this new design. I think.

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