Really random

Some of you will think less of me for this. “Joe Versus the Volcano” is one of my favorite movies. I know a lot of people didn’t like it, probably still don’t like it. I am not a movie critic like my nephew, so I won’t attempt to justify the movie’s goodness through its repetition of themes and icons, or its characters. It’s simpler than that. But how can I not like a movie that starts out under driving rhythm of “Sixteen Tons” sung by Eric Burdon?

Some things defy explanation or just don’t need it.

When I was a child in Oklahoma I remember watching Tennessee Ernie Ford sing this song and others on television. Later I rediscovered Johnny Cash and  his cover of Sixteen Tons. It is one of those songs that has always resonated with me. Perhaps because it is, in part, about the inability to catch up. There is always more to do.

Sixteen Tons is also one of the (many) reasons I love the movie “Heavy Metal” because of its thematic connection to the Devo cover of “Workin’ in a Coal Mine.” I just wish the movie held together better overall. However, it is more probably a bit more successful than “American Pop” which tries to do much and doesn’t really satisfy.

Anyhow, whatever you tomorrow, Monday (2/2), don’t drive angry.

Be nice. It won't hurt either of us.

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