Secrets and stories

It can be hell keeping a secret.

Especially if it is not really a secret. But it kind of is, for a few days at least. Sometimes stories emerge from data. Other times it is only the necessity of a story that emerges from the data. When that happens, you call, email, or text, and ask for the story. And wait.

Usually, such stories only matter because they are interesting on their own.

Sometimes the stories need to be told at a time that the telling intersects with other events, other stories. That is when things get to be a lot more entertaining. Those are the stories I like. I like it when Stephen King pulls in bits of other stories to reinforce the place and time of the “current” story. I also grew up listening to Paul Harvey and his signature line, “…and that’s the rest of the story.”

The thing is, and this what is really on my mind, there is never really enough information available when many decisions have to be made. Sometimes we have to just go with what we know, hoping all the while we have asked the right questions, and have been accurately and truthfully answered. As an observer of an unfolding story, I often wonder, “who knew what, and when?”

Sometimes though you simply just have to make a decision and trust the process.

Today I spotted a sweet little brick Ranch-style house for sale, not far from where we live. We have been thinking about moving because it may become necessary if my wife is going to be unable to climb stairs for a couple of years or longer. It is either move, spend a lot of money reconfiguring our house in a very nontraditional way, or building a substantial addition. However, I am not in a hurry to move. It is a lot of effort and time that could be spent doing other things at a point when the necessity is unclear. Actually, I am not actually in a hurry to do any of these things because of the cost.

But. A house that may be ideal is available now with a good price. It’s tempting. I simply don’t have enough information right now as to the necessity. Sure, there is no real loss, other than time, if we were to move now. But the driving need is not there, and, quite frankly, I may need to consider other issues when it is time to do move out of necessity. So the decision, which is the right one, is to stand pat. Time of this nature is a real luxury.

Pity the poor soul that did not have the luxury of time and had to make a decision when he did. Or at least, when he thought he had to do so.

Be nice. It won't hurt either of us.

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