Brew Days

gravity fed brewing station

My Brew-to

This is where I brew beer. It has the ragged, unkempt early spring look to it, but it is a nice place to spend an afternoon or evening. Or morning. It is a lean-to on the side of the shed where I store my outdoor gear, and my brewing set up. As you can see, I have two converted half-kegs with valves, site tubes, and thermometers.

The keggle on the upper level is just for heating water for the mash lauter tun, which is a modified Igloo Ice Cube. From the mash tun we go to the brewing keggle.

Everything is at a height to allow gravity to do all the work though out.

PVC pipe is mounted to the shelf to allow easy filling of the heating keggle and place to connect the wort chiller. This allows to run the hose over, hook it up, and put the water where I need it.

Maybe this summer I will pour concrete or put some other hard surface down.

Today I planted two pairs each of Cascade and Willamette hops rhizomes in the backyard. We’ll see if we get enough sun where I planted them to get a good crop. If it doesn’t work, I will plant some in the front yard next year.

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